Birthing Simulator



Easy to use Birthing Simulator, MamaNatalie is a birthing simulator that makes it easy to create very compelling simulations of complex or normal birthing scenarios. It is worn by a standardized patient, who takes the role of the mother, and manually controls the training scenario and the following features:

    • Bleeding
    • Positioning and delivery of the baby
    • Delivery of placenta
    • Fetal heart sounds
    • Cervix landmark
    • Urine bladder cathetherization
    • Uterine massage
    • Uterine compression

Postpartum hemorrhage and communication training.
The simulator is particularly realistic for training communication with the mother and postpartum hemorrhage control; which is the number one cause of maternal death during childbirth.

Simulate a wide range of birthing complications.
MamaNatalie allows you to simulate a huge variety of complications as well as normal birthing scenarios. Some include:

  • Vacuum Assisted Delivery
  • Catheterisation
  • Breeched Delivery
  • Incomplete/Retained Placenta


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