2: Consultancy on the use of Chemicals in schools, Colleges, Universities, Industries, Research Centres.

We deliver consultancy on different uses of chemicals according to Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS), Certicate of Analysis (COA) Globaly Harmonization System (GHS) which comply with United States Pharmacopeia(USP), India Pharmacopeia (IP), British Pharmacopeia (BP) and others.

: Certicate of Analysis (COA)

:Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)

:Globaly Harmonization system (GHS)

:Occupational Safety Health Authority(OSHA GHS)

3:Transportation and Logistics of the products after being ordered to all our Customers.

4: Educating and Demostrating on varieties of our Products to the esteemed Customers.

We can Demonstrate to you on How to assemble water Distillation machine, Ripple Tank and Fume chamber etc.